Hello! I' m Dawn! 

I became a travel agent because travel has been in my blood forever! I have been traveling all of my life. I love to travel! I love having a glimpse into how other cultures live. I love trying new foods, meeting new people, and enjoying different climates (especially warm climates!).


Like you, I also lead a pretty stressful life and I find that traveling, and even dreaming about traveling, helps me reduce a lot of my stress, and gives me something to look forward to!


Part of the reason I decided to become a travel agent is because I have had some bad experiences with agents in the past, I found that I was doing most of planning and price finding anyway, even though they were making a commission. I realized I could do this better than then could! I want to bring that level of service to others.


I love to see my client’s reactions during and after their trips! When they come back refreshed and looking 10 years younger, I know I have done my job.


My niche is group travel, and all-inclusive resorts. I love training and learning, and so I am constantly attending conferences and doing continuing education for different travel suppliers, as well as different travel destinations.

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Happy travels!